This is how you want to manage your Terraform modules

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What if I told you there is a way to manage all your private terraform modules, in a mono-repo, with independent versioning, without using git tags? After researching for a proper open-source tool, I found the right one for the job.
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Go templates: customize your output using templates

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Go templates are a powerful tool to customize output the way you want it. It’s a builtin package implements data-driven templates. Templates are executed by applying them to a data structure. While there are articles covering the basics, I had a hard time findings material on more advanced use-cases, such as looping over complex structs or using a function in the template. This post aims to distill these advanced use-cases with examples.
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A deep dive to Canary Deployments with Flagger, NGINX and Linkerd on Kubernetes

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A deep-dive into progressive deployments, specifically Canary, on Kubernetes with Flagger using ingress-controller or a service mesh. How it works? I ran into some pitfalls and wrote about it, so you don’t need to solve it too.
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Terraform: why data sources and filters are preferable over remote state

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Why Terraform data sources are preferable over remote state, with use-cases using multiple filters based on tags to filter resources dynamically
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Practical unit-testing web client in Go part 2 - https

Practical web client unit-testing in Go by mocking the server side, with examples from my first open-source project libvault
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